December 7, 2021

Amazon Alexa’s new elder care service

First announced at Amazon’s fall hardware event, Alexa Together is officially launching today, Tuesday, December 7th. A new subscription service that expands on the existing Alexa Care Hub, Alexa Together is designed to offer a minimally invasive way to use Amazon’s voice assistant and associated Echo speakers to both assist and keep tabs on an elderly loved one or other person who requires a caregiver.
November 3, 2021

Chatbots: Approaching 60 Sure Looks Good on You

Since chatbots entered the scene with MIT’s introduction of ELIZA in the mid-60s, their purpose has been more or less the same -- to enable effective communication by mimicking human conversation. As the technology advanced over the years, the cloud generated a whole new level of possibilities, ushering in an easier pathway to national language processing (NLP), AI, analytics and more. Yet, as chatbot capabilities increase, so too do user expectations. Consumer-facing industries have been dependent on chatbots to address customer needs, and we can expect chatbots to only get better with age.
October 9, 2021

Novomind iAGENT Challenges The Status Quo In Customer Service Software Solutions.

the team at Novomind is not resting on their oars of leveraging tech solutions to help businesses better engage their customers, as substantiated by the creation of the iAGENT. The customer service software solution has been described as the “new dimension of customer contact,” offering an all-inclusive optimal multichannel management tool that includes chatbots through email management, chat and video chat up and social media.