March 4, 2022

Winnie has a new plan to help childcare centers scale care

“The other SaaS solutions in the childcare space have gone after the providers first and that’s been really hard and challenging because it’s a very fragmented market and it’s really hard to get traction,” Mauskopf said. “As parents who really needed this ourselves we decided a marketplace [was] what we understood the best, and where we felt like we could really win.”
November 13, 2021

Great British Railways plan is good news for engineering – and for passengers

This followed the appointment of Keith Williams to lead a fundamental review of the industry after the May 2018 timetable problems. His report was delayed by Brexit, the general election and the Covid crisis. It was to have proposed the abolition of train operating franchises. However, Covid not only delayed the report, but put an end to the franchises by eliminating their income.