July 12, 2022

Gasoline engine

In today's fast moving world, the car has a special place in human life, so that the driving skill is considered a necessary For a better and more appropriate use of a car, it is necessary to know its different parts. The main parts of a car are the engine, power transmission, springs and suspension, electricity, steering , wheels and brakes, body and chassis. But the most important part of the car, or to say better, the heart of the car, is its engine. The work of a car is to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy and makes the car move. Cars are divided into four categories: gasoline, gas, diesel, hybrid, and electric.
March 4, 2022

Sony and Honda electric vehicle joint firm

Sony has announced to kick off a new electric vehicle company by collaborating with Honda as it is expected sales of their first electric model to begin in 2025.