March 14, 2022

Functional and Creative Ways to Integrate Interior Pivot Doors in the Home

Exterior doors provide a sense of security and define first impressions, which is beautifully demonstrated in the pivot door presented above (designed and crafted in Europe by Air-Lux). On the other hand, inside of a house, interior doors are capable of generating privacy, buffering noise, separating rooms and enhancing a room’s architecture
December 11, 2021

metaverse for smart homes

It’s the latest water-cooler buzzword that has our heads spinning — the “metaverse.” A surface-level skimming of the term unlocks a complex universe of modern technology propelled to sci-fi-like proportions. With some of the tallest names in Big Tech announcing their commitment to this next wave of VR-powered living, it stands to reason that the metaverse, however realized or un-realized it may be, is that next digitized horizon that humanity and humanity’s devices have all set sail toward.
October 25, 2021

Diwali decoration ideas to jazz up your home

Diwali Decoration ideas are a must to jazz up your home for this festive season. They are sure to pump up family and friends’ moods. Simple Diwali decoration ideas that will completely change your home ambience to create an enticing and welcoming space is what we all want as soon as festive season arrives
October 10, 2021

14 dining room wall ideas – decor designs to die for

If you've got a taste for art, color and texture, take inspiration from the most stylish dining room wall ideas around.
January 30, 2021

Personal Space In Decoration

Today’s lifestyle is so hectic, finding a bit of personal space can be challenging. Just a small area you can call your own will do.