building technology construction

September 18, 2021


In essence, construction is the process of moving and assembling materials and equipment into completed forms for use. However, unlike manufacturing, construction operations are never completely standardised (neither in a fixed sequence nor at a fixed location).

The basic process of construction has remained relatively unchanged since the Middle Ages, however construction technology has changed significantly. The earliest dwellings were built of animal skins draped across sticks, or mud, straw, timber and stone, and were intended purely to provide shelter. Early experiments with concrete were introduced by the ancient Romans, who mixed lime and volcanic rock to build many of their most famous structures.

Buildings are now constructed from a bewildering array of interrelated systems and assemblies that must work together to deliver the required standard of performance. This requires the collaborative work of client, consultants, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to properly prepare planning applications, building regulations submissions, submissions for programmes such as BREEAM, construction documentation, operation and maintenance manuals and so on