November 5, 2022

Smart Flower

SmartFlower Solar produces unique, ground-mounted solar panel systems that include a sun tracker and a number of other high-tech features. This ‘smart’ solar panel system is an all-in-one, self-sustaining system that differs greatly from the traditional monocrystalline or polycrystalline rooftop panels.
October 30, 2022

Robots will aid the next generation of construction workers

Construction robots are a sub-set of industrial robots used for building and infrastructure construction at site. These robots have to be able to move and fix itself to the working zone, handle construction materials and interact with humans and other machineries. Currently, most of the activities are in research level while some real world application has also been done such as for dam construction in Japan.
April 3, 2022

Smart home trends 2022: Best ideas for an AI approach to your interior design

Smart home trends 2022: Best ideas for an AI approach to your interior design intelligent solutions are driven by the idea of helping you, integrating the eco-friendly and energy-saving considerations. All this leads to more sophisticated devices that impress us every year with something new. If you want to keep pace with the latest innovations in this sense, stay with us, and we will reveal to you the newest 2022 trends for a smart home that will benefit you, your interior design, and the environment around you. Energy-saving devices for an efficient use Remote working solutions Complex sensors Intelligent lighting system Artificial intelligence in full activity Smart appliances for every room Health sensors Contemporary houses require moderSmart sensors for your plumbing systemn solutions
March 23, 2022

How To Maximize Solar Energy In Your Home

How To Maximize Solar Energy In Your Home It's time to be self-sufficient when it comes to energy to power your home. For the longest time, you may have been dependent on the electricity generated by power plants. Energy generated in this manner is unclean because it contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases. That makes it dangerous not only to you but also to the environment On the other hand, solar energy is clean, safe, and renewable. Thus, it’s worthwhile to consider residential solar energy solutions. This article details some of these solutions and how you can leverage them.
March 15, 2022

Design of Metavers cyber city by architects Zaha Hadid

Architects Zaha Hadid - ZHA has unveiled a virtual "freedom-loving micro-nation" called The Liberland Metaverse, where residents can buy vacant land around a selected urban core and access it as an avatar.
January 12, 2022

Baoan Performing Arts Centre

Completing a 110,000 square metre cultural complex in Shenzhen, the Bao’An Performing Arts Centre on Quinhai Bay houses the city’s first performance hall for international operas.