June 13, 2022

About Computer

Few of us can imagine life without access to our computers and the many ways they make our lives easier. From online shopping and social networking to simple word processing and organization of data, computers have essentially become crucial to our sanity and survival in the 21st century.
May 18, 2022

history of ios

In what is widely regarded as his greatest presentation ever, Apple's Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world on January 9th, 2007. In the five-plus years since then, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have literally redefined the entire world of mobile computing. That world is moving so quickly that iOS is already amongst the older mobile operating systems in active development today. That certainly doesn't mean it's underpowered or underfeatured — quite the contrary. Through what can only be described as relentless and consistent improvement over the years, Apple has made iOS one of the most feature-rich and well-supported platforms on the market.
May 13, 2022


The Apple Macintosh revolutionized the entire computer industry by the year of 1984. Steve Jobs and his ingenious Macintosh team arranged for the computer to be used by the normal “person in the street” – and not only by experts.
May 3, 2022

عینک واقعیت مجازی اپل

اپل تقریباً 20 سال است که بر اساس پرونده های ثبت اختراع ، در حال بررسی واقعیت مجازی و فن آوری های واقعیت افزوده است ، اما با واقعیت مجازی و افزودنی با محبوبیت با راه اندازی Arkit ، دلهره اپل جدی تر در حال رشد است و انتظار می رود منجر به AR/VR شود. محصول در سال 2022 یا 2023.
April 28, 2022

Apple Virtual Reality Glasses

Apple has been exploring virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for almost 20 years based on patent filings, but with virtual and augmented reality exploding in popularity with the launch of ARKit, Apple's dabbling is growing more serious and is expected to lead to an AR/VR product in 2022 or 2023.
April 11, 2022

Apple Combined Reality Headset

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April 3, 2022


ARTIC از طریق نمایشگاه های متا خود رویکرد غیرمتمرکز را به گالری ها و نمایشگاه های هنری می آورد.
April 1, 2022

Mac app Cider streams Apple Music beautifully

Have a valid Apple Music subscription on hand but still not convinced about the streaming service's integration with Apple's official music application? Then give the open source project Cider a chance.
March 29, 2022

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

The new iPhone 14 Pro is still a few months away, but new images are already showing what the upcoming Apple flagship could look like. The focus is on the camera system at the front, which makes the distinctive notch disappear in the new design.
March 29, 2022

apple 3D Touch

Will the 3D touch return? Apple's patent introduces new pressure sensors for iPhone, Apple Watch and MacBook