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Green Power Generator

Green Power Generator

While there are various ways to generate electricity, the method followed in this startup is different from all of the above. The power generation mechanism in this startup is such that it can generate a lot of electricity using low electrical energy (generating electricity using electricity).

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Managing project finances is hugely important and effective management can make the different between project success and project failure.
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The SoundHound

SoundHound’s independent voice AI platform connects people to brands through customized conversational experiences that voice-enable products, services, and apps while giving companies access to their …
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The Transcription Service

A transcription service is a business service that converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document. Transcription services are often …
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The SurveyAuto

SurveyAuto is an advanced data collection platform that democratizes data collection by making it accessible to everyone. The platform combines recent advances in Artificial Intelligence …
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parsalandco button wallet


Button Wallet is a messenger-based software solution for trading and buying digital assets.With Button Wallet, users can send crypto to any friend by their username, …
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swvl parsalandco


Swvl is a multinational mobility as a service provider that offers tech-enabled ridesharing services. It operates privately-owned buses and allows commuters to reserve and pay …
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The Securitize 

Securitize is a  blockchain-enabled company that facilitates the capital markets by allowing traders to trade in private companies using trusted global solutions.
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The neuroflow

NeuroFlow’s platform streamlines the collection of behavioral health insights at scale and empowers care teams with the decision support they need to avoid costly and …
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A number of startups are experimenting with what a better social app could look like. For a startup called Alms, the answer is a social …
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About Startup Department

“A startup is the living embodiment of a founder’s dream, Wil Schroter says. It represents the journey from concept to reality. It is one of the few times when you can take something that is only a dream and make it a reality, not just for yourself, but for the entire world.”

A startup is a company typically in the early stages of its development. These entrepreneurial ventures are typically started by 1-3 founders who focus on capitalizing upon a perceived market demand by developing a viable product, service, or platform.

Startup Department in this Company helping to Hire the right staff for a startup. It’s about hiring people with the right skills on paper, who will also be able to adapt to working on a small team. Working in a startup means no two days will be the same. So each time you hire for a role in your startup, keep in mind that the best person to fill it is someone who is adaptable and puts the mission of the company first. In a startup, there’s no room for “that’s not my job”. It’s all hands on deck to get a product launched and to make an idea into a reality.