What is green power project and how it works?

Green Power generation is the backbone of any country to serve its people. Power generation is the process of generating electricity from other primary energy sources. Electricity is generated when mechanical energy is harnessed and used to turn the turbine. This mechanical energy can come from various sources, including falling water, wind, or heat vapor from nuclear reactions, or burning fossil fuels. The main methods of generating electricity in the world are fossil fuel power plants, nuclear energy, hydro-Power generation, wind power generation, and solar power generation.

This startup intends to generate electricity in a way other than the methods mentioned above. The mechanism of generating electricity using electricity is such that it is possible to produce electricity from one watt to one thousand megawatts without using any fuel or without any limitation in the production of that electricity. The founders of this company intend to generate all-sine one or three-phase power using kinetic energy without building power plants and transmission lines. The practical and experimental background of the founder has led them to start working in this field.

The purposes of this startup are making a profit by providing and selling high-quality services, working in an area of interest where there is work experience, supplying electricity from home use to factory use, and satisfying consumers with providing green electricity. The income will be generated through the sale of power generators.


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Green Power Project Members

Majid Rezaei

Majid Rezaei

Owner of the idea

Ahmad Balaei

Ahmad Balaei

in charge of Power Electronics

Asghar Payab

Ali Asghar Payab

In charge of Industrial Electricity

Mr. Sheykh Ahmadi

Kahyar Sheykh Ahmadi

in charge of Parts Designer

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