March 28, 2023


RoboDK is an off-line programming software for industrial robots. With RoboDK you can easily simulate and program industrial robots for manufacturing applications. You can generate error-free programs and automatically avoid singularities, axis limits and collisions. RoboDK's simulation and programming features are suitable for applications such as robot machining, robot welding, painting, trimming, de-burring, dispensing, pick and place, PLC simulation, multiple robot simulation, robot calibration, 2D camera simulation, etc. With RoboDK you can simulate multiple robots with additional axes simultaneously. RoboDK supports robot programming for more than 500 robots and 50 different robot manufacturers. RoboDK also offers a complete API that allows you to generate robot manufacturing programs automatically while remaining vendor agnostic with your integrations. Specialties: Offline Programming, CAD/CAM for robots, Robot Simulation, Robot Programming, Robot calibration, RoboDK API.
March 16, 2023

Types of Robotics Software for Robots

If you search for “robotics software” on Google, you will probably find yourself in front of a rather confusing set of search results. At the time of writing, many of the search results lead you towards something called Robot Process Automation (RPA) which — despite its name — has absolutely nothing to do with programming physical robots. Other results lead you specific robotics software packages, mostly those that come packaged with the particular brands of robot. The problem is that there are many different types of robotics software. Some of these will be suited to programming your particular robots for your unique situation. Others will not. When you’re considering which software to get for your robot, you need to be a bit more specific about what type of software you’re looking for.
March 14, 2023


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