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Parsaland Trading Company with many activities in the fields of import and export, investment consulting, blockchain consulting, information technology and building construction

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Parsa Land Company , an entity formed for the purpose of carrying on commercial enterprise. Such an organization is predicated on systems of law governing contract and exchange. This Company is a holding company owning subsidiaries engaged in various business activities, including investment and finance, utilities and energy, supply chain, manufacturing and construction. Our ethical culture drives our growth. It sets us apart from the competition. Our commitment to ethics, human rights and strong corporate governance safeguards our people, clients, brand and financial performance. Our values shape the culture of our organization and define the character of our company. We create the core values through individual behaviors. They serve as the foundation for how we act and make decisions.

Leadership Members

Majid Rezaei

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Kahyar Sheykh Ahmadi

Member of the Board
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higher-end Roombas

Eufy RoboVac 11S
Quiet, nimble, and affordable
This affordable robot vacuum is quieter and fits under more furniture than most models we’ve tested. While it works best in small spaces, it rarely gets stuck, and it does a good job on bare floors and short-pile rugs. It’s not as durable as our other budget pick, though.

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Robot Vacuums new

The iRobot Roomba i4 EVO is the first robot vacuum we recommend to most people because it’s smart enough to clean an entire level of a home in a mostly orderly

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The Best Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums never get bored or distracted, and they don’t mind cleaning every day. So with very little effort on your part, they’ll keep your floors constantly tidy

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The Top Humanoid Robots

A humanoid robot is similar to a human body in shape. These robots are professional service robots built for interaction with human tools and customer

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Robots have a wide variety of use cases that make them the ideal technology for the future. Soon, we will see robots almost everywhere. We’ll see them in hospitals, hotels and even on roads.

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